Marcel MEZY spent most of his life to develop afertilizing process, today used by more than 10 000 farmers in France and in Europe: The TECHNOLOGIES MARCEL MEZY (TMM). A unique and natural solution defined as the third agricultural revolution, according to Marcel MAZOYER (emeritus professor from the AgroParisTech university).

Over the years, Marcel MEZY has discover that his fertilizing process had more important and global virtues, such as: conserving water, reducing chemical treatments (fertilizers and pesticides), improving the quality of productions (vegetable/animal), combating plant diseases and decontaminating soil.

Marcel Mezy Technologies

The TMM address global issues such as: the warranty of a healthy and sustainable diet, a better management of water reserves and the fight against climate change by fixing carbon into the soils. Striving for the healthy soils, TMM appears as a real social, territorial, agronomic, and economic solution. Allowing to maintain human’s and environment’s health. These several co-benefits for farmers and users, is part of an initiative respecting the human and consumers.

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